The blank slate

The new cartoon brought in an expected range of responses: I’m being too hard on Obama, not hard enough on Obama, Obama is a fascist, it’s too soon to criticize Obama, etc., etc. Personally, I tend to agree with Roy:

Most of us, however, were voting for someone who would deliver us from the imbeciles who had been mismanaging the country for eight years. We got that, along with some idiocy, both fresh and vintage. ‘Twas ever thus. Reintroducing sanity to our governance was always going to be an uphill climb.

We voted for a centrist technocrat, who campaigned as a centrist technocrat, and who promised to govern as a centrist technocrat — and now the true believers are shocked to find a centrist technocrat in the Oval Office. (And the right wing fringe — well, as noted in the cartoon, despite their inexplicable ability to set the terms of the debate on subjects like national security, they are quite literally insane.)

… adding: none of which is meant to imply happy acquiesence to Obama’s own versions of indefinite detention and military tribunals.