New cartoon

Joe Biden reassures the American people.

… adding, for all the Biden-defenders (and who knew there were so many!): I had this riff in mind before Biden gave his infamous interview. The cartoon was not inspired by Biden, it was inspired by the uncertainty surrounding the flu outbreak last week — should we panic and head for the hills or ignore the thing entirely? I had the basic words, I just didn’t know who was going to be saying them until that interview, and then the whole thing came together.

But you have to admit, even if he’s essentially right, it’s pretty funny when the Vice President of the United States suggests on national television that Americans should shun airports and subways (and then his office issues a statement three hours later suggesting that he actually said the exact opposite — as Peter Sagal said on Wait, Wait this weekend, it’s as if they haven’t heard about the invention of videotape). Biden has absolutely no internal censor, and you have to love that, at least if you’re a cartoonist.