Now it can be told

A small offering for those of you who have young children, or who know someone who does: my first kid’s book will be published in September. (You can pre-order it here.)

I’ll post some sample pages as the date draws nearer. And I’ll warn you in advance: I’m going to be promoting this one relentlessly. The publisher is a very small operation out of Brooklyn, and my advance was minimal, so sales of this one will have a real, direct impact on their lives and mine.

And just to be clear: this isn’t one of those kid’s books that’s actually aimed at adults. It’s a genuine children’s book –with Sparky!

…adding: I know it doesn’t mean a lot in terms of actual numbers, but I love that the Mayor is #5000-something on Amazon as I write this, five months before the pub date. My publisher, Ig, is almost literally a mom-and-pop outfit (recommended to me by my friend Jen Sorensen, whose compilations they also publish), and this is their first children’s book, and I’m really hoping they don’t lose money on it.