Is Bill O’Reilly a coward?

That’s what he calls anyone who won’t come on his show and play by his rules — i.e., being given maybe ten seconds at a time to try to make your case before being interrupted, shouted down, and even having your mic cut off if Bill really doesn’t like what you have to say.

Apparently O’Reilly misrepresented an essay by Salon’s Gary Kamiya, and then offered Kamiya the “opportunity” to defend himself by coming on O’Reilly’s show, which is roughly equivalent to giving the Christians a chance to defend themselves by throwing them to the lions. Kamiya wisely declined, but offers an alternative: a debate with O’Reilly on neutral turf, via email, where nobody’s mic can be cut.

Will O’Reilly accept the challenge, after having misrepresented Kamiya’s essay on national television — or is he too, well, cowardly?