Deep thought…

The only way cartoonists could get even less respect would be if we presented our work in the form of handmade knit doilies thrust upon random strangers on the street.

Some weeks just make you tired.

(edited this one slightly … but I am taken aback at how little coverage has been generated so far by the nation’s largest altweekly chain deep-sixing all cartoons across their entire chain … it’s quite unprecedented in our little industry…)

… adding also: The more I think about this, the more it feels like a pivotal moment, beyond the immediate concerns of my own career. If the takeaway lesson here is that altweekly cartoons can be wiped off the slate without consequence, it may really be the beginning of the end for this particular genre.

Then again, the papers could realize how integral cartoons are to their success, reinstate the ones they dropped, add many new ones, give everyone a raise, and find caring homes for the monkeys that subsequently fly out of my butt. You never know!