PENGUIN update

The special fine art paper I ordered finally arrived and I just did a test print … and it’s shockingly gorgeous. I’m really blown away but how much difference the paper can make. Those of you who ordered these will be very pleased.

… this is how good these look: I almost never put any of my own work on display around the house — it’s work, I stare at it all day — but I am going to hang one of these up. They’re really just stunning.

This is a relatively new printer that I’ve been underutilizing. Now that I see what it can do — any thoughts on what the next limited edition print should be? I was thinking about the shoe tossing cartoon — or are we all just too sick of the Bushies at this point? Input welcome.

… one more update b/c I just stepped back into my studio to shut down the computer and took another look at the prints: those of you who ordered these, your expectations will be blown out of the water. Clearly many things in life do not work out as well as we might hope — it’s lovely when some small thing does. Always worthwhile to embrace that.