Meet Alan Grayson

You may remember Alan Grayson from his campaign commercial about Iraq corruption, one so angry and well-executed that you could hardly believe it came from a Democrat. He won the seat in Florida’s eighth district, and now he’s actually in Congress, actually asking the screamingly obvious questions about the bailout.

Here’s video of Grayson yesterday querying Donald Kohn, the Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, about who the hell they’ve given $1.2 trillion to. And Kohn REFUSES TO ANSWER. Matt Stoller, who’s now a senior policy advisor to Grayson, has more, including a request for suggestions on where to take things next.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict Grayson will not be swallowed up by the Horrible Borg. He’s certainly worth admiring right now (uh, mostly).