Somebody buy this man a new set of balls

Watching Harry Reid pick a fight he couldn’t win with Roland Burris only to sheepishly back down is hilarious and sad to watch. What hasn’t been as funny is watching him pull the same “half-heartedly stand on principle only to be revealed as weak and ineffective” crap over and over again. Harry Reid has been allergic to confrontation (at least when it comes to Republicans) since assuming the caucus leadership in 2005. Even after the Dems gained control of Congress two years ago, Reid’s signature accomplishment has been sitting idly by while Senate Republicans mounted the most filibusters in U.S. history (all without ever having to stay up past their bedtimes).

Call me a cynic, but with Obama heading into office with a sweeping mandate (and the approval ratings to back it up), I can’t help but assume that we have more of Reid’s late night, “sorry guys, we tried” press conferences in front of the capitol building to look forward to :

“It looks like we’re going to have that second Great Depression after all, because a global warming-denier from a tiny state put an anonymous hold on the stimulus bill until we put in provisions thanking Jesus for writing the Constitution and granting zygotes the right to vote and own property.”