More Fine Journamalism from America’s Finest Journamalists

Today in the New York Times:

Israel’s stated goal for its military operation is to halt the rocket fire from Gaza and to create a new security equation in southern Israel, where three civilians and a soldier have been killed in rocket attacks in the last six days.

It has not declared its intention of toppling Hamas…

Tuesday in Slate, which is owned by the Washington Post:

Asked if Israel was out to topple Gaza’s Hamas rulers, [Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni] said, “Not now.” If reinstating the status quo ante is the test of proportionality, then Israel passes with flying colors. All it wants to do—as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert explained—is “to improve the security reality of southern residents in a thorough manner.” A modest goal…Olmert never promised Israelis that he would dismantle Hamas’ rule in Gaza.

The Times of London, quoting something said on Monday—ie, well before either of the above articles were published:

“The goal of the operation is to topple Hamas,” Haim Ramon, the deputy to Ehud Olmert, the Prime Minister, said.

It was the first time since it launched its blistering offensive that Israel has openly stated that regime change is its ultimate goal. “We will stop firing immediately if someone takes the responsibility of this government, anyone but Hamas,” Mr Ramon said.