Throwing Joementum Under The Bus

In regards to Joe Lieberman, as much of a dickhead as he has been, I don’t think it’s a good idea in the long run to seek punitive measures against him for his support of John McCain. It’ll just give him another reason to be self-righteous and make the Democratic leadership look petty. Having said that, as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Joe Lieberman has done nothing. It’s not that he’s been ineffective, but that he hasn’t tried to accomplish anything. No oversight, no hearings, no subpoenas, nothing. Considering the breadth of the crimes that have been committed by the Bush Administration that fall under the jurisdiction of Lieberman’s leadership, the lack of oversight is unconscionable. That he let his support of George W. Bush overshadow his responsibilities as a Senator isn’t just a stab in the back to his constituents, it’s proof that he’s refused to perform the duties that he swore he would. For that reason alone, he should be removed from any leadership posts within the Senate. The responsibilities that Joe Lieberman has abdicated are too important to leave in the hands of someone who’s unwilling to work hard for the American people.