“Help me, Wolf Blitzer, you’re my only hope.”

I know where I’ll be tuning in to watch the election returns :

It’s election night, and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer is in New York talking to an Obama campaign strategist in Chicago.

But instead of the split screen or window TV viewers might typically see during live remote interviews, the Obama spokesperson will be projected as a three-dimensional hologram, making it appear as if he or she is in the Manhattan studio with Blitzer. The network plans to conduct similar holographic interviews with representatives from the McCain campaign in Phoenix.

Thank goodness for that. If CNN didn’t provide some flashy special effects, we might get bored.


UPDATE : Hahahaha. It’s as dumb as I expected it to be :


Okay, maybe I won’t be watching CNN all night. I dunno if I can stand them interrupting their campaign coverage to gush over their new toys.