My only book plug for the day

Just got this email:

As a Salon reader, I catch pretty much every cartoon you do (and my weekly alternative The Austin Chronicle prints it, too), but I love having a compendium of the last years to refer back to, much like a satirical history of the loony political and cultural universe we live in. It’s an archive to hold onto, in the same way that Pogo did many moons ago. Also, I have to admit that even though there are many things to love about online info feeds, the feel and look of the printed page still holds a lot of weight for me.

Part of the writing process for me is thinking about how the cartoons are going to read in a month, or a year. Sometimes I think my stuff may actually read better in retrospect, for exactly this reason — it becomes a cartoon history of what we’ve just been through. Or as it says on the back of the book: HOW WE GOT TO THE PLACE WE ARE GOING.

Buy it here, if you’re inclined.

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