How did I miss this?

My exceedingly gracious host in Denver was a cartoonist named Kenny Be, who, due to his focus on local issues, doesn’t get anywhere near the attention he deserves (outside of Denver, I mean). Kenny and I had never met, and yet he totally threw his home open to me. Actually I do not overstate the case when I say that he made the entire Denver trip possible — my credentials came through late and housing was not exactly easy to come by at that moment.

Anyway, I just noticed that Jen Sorensen and I make a cameo in one of Kenny’s cartoons, here. And we really did arrive at the Salon party clown-car style — Jen was crammed in to the back of a (small) pickup truck cab, behind the seat in this little space where ordinarily you’d maybe keep your tire jack or something. I believe my line in the cartoon is reported verbatim: “The cartoonists are here!”