Signs of the times

Politicians generally are happy to pose with a flag. But not the French flag, especially these days.

With the help of a little digital wizardry, the conservative Club for Growth is airing ads showing Republican Sens. Olympia J. Snowe (Maine) and George V. Voinovich (Ohio) in proximity to French flags in order to disparage their resistance to President Bush’s tax-cut plans.

See, they’re thinking that maybe with the war and the reconstruction of Iraq and the Bush Economy in the crapper, maybe it’s just not time for a huge tax cut. Therefore they’re obstructionists — just like those damned French! (Story here.)

Speaking of that tax cut: you kind of have to admire the single-minded intensity of the Bush team. For all practical purposes, they’ve always acted as if they’ve got one term in office and they’re going to push through as much of their agenda as they possibly can, and if they get a second term, it’s just gravy. If Clinton had been this focused on an equally partisan agenda during his first term, who knows what he might have accomplished. Universal health care, anyone?