A safe place for your money

My new book. You won’t make any money on it, but your investment will be rewarded many times over with gut-clenching laughter so intense, you may suffer physical injuries requiring medical attention.

It’s really a mystery to me why I didn’t go into advertising, being such a natural salesman and all.

But in all seriousness: if we don’t move some numbers on this one, I think I may take a break from publishing for awhile. I’ve been on that little treadmill for sixteen years (my first book came out in ’92); the novelty of having books in print has kind of worn off and it’s starting to seem like a hell of a lot of work for a diminishing return. So this would definitely be fish-or-cut-bait time: if, in theory, you support what I do, time to put that theory into practice.

I mean, what the hell, you’re going to be buying loaves of bread with wheelbarrows full of cash before too long anyway.