Republicans on my teevee

–Were those Greek columns behind Bush? Does he think he is a Greek god?

–Eight years giving speeches as president, and he still looks like he’s about to break into laughter at any moment.

–Is it really appropriate for a sitting president to denounce Americans so explicitly (“the Angry Left”)? I thought decorum required at least a pretense of being above the fray.

… also: the GOP is so desperate to portray McCain as a “maverick” (i.e., not a continuation of the Bush dynasty) that they highlight, during prime time, the fact that he used to date a stripper…? The family values party gets stranger by the day.

…. and: “The respect [McCain’s] given around the world is not because of a Teleprompter speech designed to appeal to America’s critics abroad.” So said Fred Thompson, who I’m absolutely certain wasn’t using one of them fancy Teleprompter machines at the time.