A long travel day, nice to be home. Don’t know yet how it played on tv, but the Invesco stadium was an astonishing place to be in person.

Photos and thoughts to follow in more depth, but one quick note. I hear the commentariat have been babbling on about the Greek columns behind Obama. Maybe somebody has already figured this one out — as I have noted previously it’s hard to keep up with the media babble when you’re in the center of the media storm — but the set behind Obama was clearly meant to invoke the White House, not Greek gods. There were windows and doors on the thing, for chrissakes. (Pix to follow, too tired tonight.)

I mean, come on. Get a fucking clue, pundits.

(PS: anybody’s got one of those cool vari-vue passes the public had that you’re willing to part with, email me. We’ll figure out a good trade.)