Did This Really Fool You?

I know the veepstakes anticipation is feverish, but there’s no way this is real :


Just compare the sticker above the an actual Obama sticker :


The legit sticker is very well-designed. Notice how the “O” and “8” are slightly larger and frame the text portion of the sticker. And how it uses multiple shades of blue to great effect. And that it includes both the now iconic campaign logo and the address for the official site (which is also well designed in terms of font choice, size, color, and spacing).

Now keep all of that in mind as you take a look at the monstrosity of a sticker that’s making the rounds purporting to be proof that Obama is picking Evan Bayh. It uses the most boring and basic shades of blue and red imaginable, a silly wave of a white line that looks like it was borrowed from a Pepsi can, and truly bizarre choice of font for the “08” in the corner. The star in the “0” finishes it off as if to imply that this sticker was a class project from a Learning Annex Photoshop class rather than the work of design professionals.

If this is real, then it would mean that despite all of the perfectly executed planning and coordination by the Obama team, they handed over the design of their campaign merch to amateurs who shouldn’t even be in the same room as those who have been so successful in the campaign branding so far. Personally, I don’t buy it.