Cautious non-prediction

I don’t really give a rat’s ass about the VP selection, and imagine that 90% of guesses are just going to end up making the guesser look foolish — but having said that, I agree with Digby on this:

I wrote before that the Obama campaign has a flair for the theatrical and picking Clinton, after all the sturm and drang of the primaries and all this suspense of the last few weeks, is definitely a dramatic choice.

My non-prediction prediction: I won’t be surprised if Hillary is the big surprise.

(What I’d really enjoy is for McCain to select Lieberman. Talk radio has already made it clear that their embrace of Holy Joe only lasts as long as he is an outcast Democrat — if he becomes the Republican VP nominee, their heads will explode. And what great fun it would be, to be able to say — you wanted him? He’s yours! Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to happen.)

… Fox says it’s Biden … and that that’s Good News For McCain …