A stunning outrage

Much attention has been paid to Barry Blitt’s shocking attempt to destroy the candidacy of Barack Obama with his so-called “cover illustration” for the New Yorker this week. But no one has yet mentioned the same artist’s earlier cover, in which he portrayed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sleeping in the same bed:

Is this appalling image meant to invoke racist stereotypes about the sexual prowess of black men? Or is it an anti-feminist swipe at middle-aged women comfortable with their own sexuality? Or maybe it’s meant to suggest that all Democrats are promiscuous adulterers who can’t be trusted with the responsibility that comes with the President’s hot line!

Whatever his intentions, Barry Blitt obviously drew this cover because he hates Democrats, and wants John McCain to win.

And then there’s this cover, published shortly after Hurricane Katrina:

Clearly, the “artist” is expressing his deep sympathy for the members of the Bush Administration, who — he suggests through his visual trickery — felt such deep compassion for the victims of Katrina that they might as well have experienced the flooding first hand.

Why not just draw George Bush with a halo while you’re at it, Democrat-hater Barry Blitt?

Maybe you could get away with biased commentary like this in the olden days — but this is the 21st century, and the Internet has your number now!