Does John McCain Think America Is A “Nation of Whiners”?

Headline at Politico :

McCain forcefully rebukes Gramm

Oh really? It’s nice that McCain is willing to “rebuke” those comments, why hasn’t he rejected or denounced them? Phil Gramm has said other things I disagree with too, yet I’m still waiting to hear if John McCain is willing to rebuke or dismiss or reject or denounce those comments as well. Does John McCain secretly agree with everything that Phil Gramm has said that I find objectionable? When if John McCain going to finally cut his ties with Gramm?

I really think we need to spend the next month talking about this.

Seriously though, Kos is totally right about this. John McCain has said numerous times that our economic problems are “psychological”. A competent press corps that actually dug deeper than “he said, she said” trivialities would recognize the pattern in McCain’s various statements on the economy and have the guts to ask him “Do you think the American people are hallucinating when they see higher gas prices, rising unemployment, and declining home values?”