Signs of the times

An email from Robert Scheer’s webmaster:

Dear readers of Bob Scheer’s weekly column,

For several weeks, cable TV star Bill O’Reilly has been energetically leading a campaign demanding that Bob’s home paper, the Los Angeles Times, stop running his “traitorous” columns and in general become more pro-war in its news coverage. Many thousands of emails have been sent to the Times echoing O’Reilly’s denunciations verbatim.

Whether or not you agree with everything Bob argues in his columns, as subscribers to his newsletter I assume many of you appreciate hearing his contrarian voice in these unsettled times. If so, it wouldn’t hurt to tell the Times!

To send an email letter to the Times for possible publication, you must use your full name and send to:

We also encourage you to send this email on to others who may be interested.

Even if you don’t read Scheer, I’d encourage you to drop them a line. Anything that helps defeat O’Reilly’s brownshirt impulses is time well spent.