Laughter, the best medicine

Back in the mists of history, the New York Times Week in Review used to occasionally feature cartoons by the likes of myself, and Ted Rall, and Ruben Bolling. But that was a different regime — these days, there’s limited space for editorial cartoons, which kind of disallows the excessively verbose practioneers of our form. And part of the reason for this is that the editors of the Week in Review took some of that space and devoted it instead to snippets from the monologues of late night comedians. Like this from Jay Leno (my transcription from the print edition):

Gay marriage now legal here in California. In fact, you hear who got married today in San Francisco? Rice and Roni. Yeah, finally got married.

Thanks, New York Times, for sharing these small pearls of humor-related writing activities. Rice and Roni? I am doubled over with laughter, so great is my amusement.