Hey, Let’s Go To Iraq!

John McCain challenging Barack Obama to go to Iraq is pretty childish. It’s not like a Senator’s meticulously-planned stroll through Baghdad is going to give them an accurate view of what’s going on in Iraq. Here’s McCain’s most well-known trip to the Green Zone, in which little shopping trip needed little more than a bullet-proof vest, “100 American soldiers, with three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships” :


And here’s a photo from McCain’s most recent trip :


If McCain thinks challenging Obama to go to Iraq will teach him something beyond “American troops get annoyed when they get pulled from the field and put on ‘babysit a Sentor’ duty”, then maybe Barack can return the favor and challenge “Maverick” to visit a place where he could learn something. Like a junior college where he can take an Econ 101 class or a temp agency where he can learn what life is like for us who haven’t spent the last three decades in Washington D.C. married to a multi-millionaire or to a bookstore to read about how things are really going in Iraq…