Let’s Talk About the Olympics

When you’re a rich, famous Washington journalist, what should you do when government officials tell giant whopping lies to your face? Yesterday on ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos demonstrated the correct response: politely change the subject and pretend it never happened.

(You can read about the U.S. attempt to use a faction of Fatah to stage a coup and overthrow the elected Hamas government in Vanity Fair.)

STEPHEN HADLEY, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: One thing people need to recognize, he [Abbas] has called for Hamas to renounce terror. He has called for Hamas to reverse the coup where they essentially seized power in Gaza. And one of the things one has to recognize is President Abbas is doing something very difficult now. He’s trying to negotiate a Palestinian state with Israel. The Palestinian administration still represents the people of Gaza. There are Gazans who are in the government of Prime Minister Fayad. Over 50% of the budget of the Palestinian administration goes for salaries and other things in Gaza. So one of the things when you’re talking to Hamas, it really undermines President Abbas and the government of Prime Minister Fayad at a very critical time.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s talk about the Olympics…

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