Funny Americans

Recently Glenn Greenwald pointed to a post by “OldPunk” at an Instapundit-approved blog. Here’s some of what the post said about Obama’s speech last week about race. The “you” to which OldPunk is addressing himself is black Americans generally:

You see, you’ve just given life to the suspicion that black people in America are, and have long been, a fifth column — unanimously hating the very country that has afforded the highest standard of living ever achieved by black people in human history. We’re teetering at the edge of believing that you’re a secret society, a massive collection of sleeper cells just waiting for your chance to do serious harm to the rest of us. You’ve made it possible for us to believe that.

I’d bet a lot of money that “OldPunk” was outraged in 2003 by Saddam’s massacres of Iraqi Kurds (though not when they were actually happening during the eighties, when he almost certainly didn’t know about them).

The funny part is, some Iraqi Kurds were more than just under “suspicion” of being “a fifth column” during that time. They were actually accepting arms and training from a country with which Iraq was at war, and which in fact had its armies on Iraqi soil.

So if this is “OldPunk”‘s view of black Americans now, I wonder how he’d respond if there were substantial African American militias in U.S. cities who’d been armed and trained by Saddam Hussein and/or Osama bin Laden, at the same time there were Arab troops in Seattle and Boston? My guess is he’d be saying “break out the nerve gas.”

The correlation here is probably almost exact. Just about every single person who wanted war because Saddam “gassed his own people” is someone who’d want a white American president to gas other Americans.