Saturday morning quarterbacking

So Trent Lott’s holding onto power, at least for now — but Henry Kissinger’s resigning from the 9-11 commission so he doesn’t have to reveal his client list.

Good riddance to the latter, even if it did mean I had stay up last night reworking next week’s cartoon. As to the former — online conservatives spoke with one voice yesterday, and that voice said, Lott is surely going to step down today.

How did they get it so wrong?

It’s almost as if Hannity and Limbaugh, the guys with literally tens of millions of listeners, have a better finger on the pulse of mainstream conservative thought than the bloggers with, well, literally tens of thousands of readers.

But it’s good that these guys are out there, loudly insisting that there is no place for racism in their Republican party. It’s a sort of Sims-world conservatism right now, but change happens slowly, and maybe if they keep pretending, someday it will really be true.

Just not quite yet.

I’m not going to make any predictions on how the Lott thing will turn out, myself. It sure seems like his days should be numbered, but you don’t get as far in politics as he has without being able to weather a storm or two. He’s probably thinking that if he can just make it through the holidays, the issue will eventually die down. And he may be right.