My first thought when I read about the conservative authors who are suing Regnery for essentially giving their books away was that these people have lost sight of their place in the scheme of things. It seems to me that Regnery is a propaganda mill, not a publishing house as most people understand the term, and their job is to crank out the propaganda for Regnery to distribute as it sees fit. (Anyone in the publishing industry with a better understanding of the situation should feel free to shoot me an email.) Anyway it looks like Jane at Firedoglake had pretty much the same reaction:

Do these authors really not understand that it takes incredibly deep pockets to do what they’re accusing Regnery of doing, and that they are the beneficiaries of it? That when Regnery is basically giving away books for free it’s not making any money off them, and is doing so in order to get them on the New York Times’ bestseller lists, from whence so much of their publicity and further book sales are generated? That 30,000 people aren’t going to buy their crappy books at full price, and most authors would kill to have their works seeded out there at such great expense?

Regnery gave them an inch and now they’re suing because they think they’re entitled to be rulers.