Ron Paul Owns “Freedom”

Ron Paul’s supporters are “moneybombing” his campaign today bringing in $2.5 million so far which brings him closer to Fred Thompson territory. Now that he’s bringing in the cash, his next big obstacle is trying to find Republicans who want to vote for him. They love the war, Ron Paul doesn’t. A grassroots fundraising stunt isn’t going to change that.

Speaking of Ron Paul, I’m getting really tired of the way his self-serving definition of the word “freedom”. Nevermind the fact that the very word “freedom” has evolved since the founding of this country, in Ron Paul world, if you vote for another candidate then you hate freedom. This is the same sort of Orwellian wordplay that I despise about the Bush Administration.

Finally, shame on the New York Times for helping the Ron Paul campaign play their semantic games by printing this letter to the editor from Bruce Fein chastising Hillary Clinton and every other presidential candidate besides Ron Paul for not signing the “American Freedom Pledge”. All of the Democratic candidates have signed on to a virtually identical (and Ron Paul supported) “American Freedom Pledge”, which kinda contradicts the letter’s implicit claim that Democrats don’t oppose torture, restoring habeas corpus, etc. More importantly, the Times failed to note that the letter’s author, Bruce Fein, is a member of Ron Paul’s campaign. You’d think that would merit a mention.