More things to do

Yesterday, while suggesting some things you might want to do with your time and money, I claimed MoveOn had not focused on preventing war with Iran. Nell of A Lovely Promise points out MoveOn sent out an alert at the same time I posted that saying they indeed ARE organizing against war with Iran. The entire email is on my site, but these are the basics of what they’re planning:

We’re proposing a major campaign to prevent another war. We’ll put retired generals on tour to convince political leaders and editorial boards that this war would be a disaster. We’ll run ads challenging the Administration. And we’ll press Congress to stand up to Bush.

You can donate money for the campaign here.

Also, why not write and call your senators to tell them to sustain Dodd’s possible filibuster against telecom immunity on FISA violations? The ACLU has set up a page here. Then, sign the Open Left letter to Harry Reid.

COMING UP: I tell you what kind of toothpaste to buy. Then, shoelaces. Soon you will need make no decisions of any kind, and we will all move together en masse to Guyana.