Things to do

Are you looking for things to do with yourself and your money? If so, here are some possible activities from my personal Approved List:

• Donate money to Just Foreign Policy. MoveOn and TrueMajority have not made stopping war with Iran a priority. Just Foreign Policy, a fairly new organization, has. (As you can tell, they focus purely on foreign policy.) Now they’re producing videos on Iran and a national tour with former NY Times reporter Stephen Kinzer, the author of All the Shah’s Men, about the US overthrow of the Iranian government in 1953. These moves are both wise and creative, so we should fork over some money.

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• Sign the MoveOn petition calling for Congress not to give telecom companies immunity for wiretapping us illegally for the past six (?) years. It’s not impossible to win this one. And certainly doing so would make both the good guys and bad guys take notice. There’s a reason the Republicans (and many Democrats) are so anxious to destroy MoveOn.