Signs of the times

Sen. Jim Bunning of Kentucky wants to try Peter Arnett for treason for making what appear to have been some pretty foolish comments on Iraqi TV.

In the meantime, Geraldo is out there giving away troop positions. And apparently he’s got a history of this sort of thing.

“We had two- and three-man sniper teams hiding out in the mountains” of Tora Bora, recalls Idema. “Geraldo found out about it from the [anti-Taliban] mujahedeen soldiers. We were paying them between $25 and $100 a month. Geraldo put the word out that he would pay any Afghan who deserted the U.S. Army $100 a day to point out where the snipers were so he could get pictures of them.”

Not surprisingly, Idema says, it wasn’t hard to find volunteers. “Here are a couple of snipers hidden in this cave, and Geraldo comes prancing up.

Of course, now everybody knows where they are.

“One of my muj told me about him. I got into my damn car, drove to the hill where the media was camped to find Geraldo. He’d just left. Several of us were drawing straws about who would knock him out and escort him out of the place.”