From the Times Book Review:

… and barricade-bashing cyberpunks like Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, founder of the popular Daily Kos Web site, whose participant-readers attack all things Republican with the same fervor they showed when championing the already forgotten Ned Lamont in his unsuccessful attempt to unseat Senator Joseph Lieberman in 2006 …

Really? Already forgotten? So if you were in a room with people who follow politics, and you said, “Hey, remember that Ned Lamont guy,” everyone would scratch their heads and say, “Who?” Or maybe one guy with a really good memory might allow as how the name vaguely rings a bell but he can’t quite place it.

Yeah, that primary race in which a long-time incumbent was driven from his party and forced to run as an independent, that race around which public anti-war sentiment finally coalesced, helping to shift the entire public debate — barely a blip! Not to suggest Lamont was a perfect candidate, or even close, but it’s very odd to pretend that it was a moment of no particular significance, barely worth remembering.