Conservative death wish

All of these calls for “unity” and prayers that thousands of people die so that people “wake up” have nothing to do with anyone preventing the Bush administration from doing what they want. They’re simply expressing a deep anger that the dirty fucking hippies don’t agree with everything they say. Ultimately, they’re angry that their pet war isn’t going well and angry that the dirty fucking hippies don’t rely on quite as many adult undergarments as they do.

But if some sort of terrorist attack happens, it’s their people who will have failed to stop it. Despite our best efforts, we haven’t managed to impact Bush administration policy on this stuff at all.

Atrios has it almost right there. What I’m certain he understands even if he doesn’t spell it out in this specific post is that truth doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, they’ll find a way to blame liberals. Currently Sean Hannity blames problems in Iraq (when he acknowledges that such even exist) on the fact that liberals don’t support the troops, as if our clapping louder is all that’s needed for the surge to succeed. If there’s another terrorist attack, even though George Bush has gotten pretty much everything he wanted, they’ll still blame liberals for occasionally trying to oppose his agenda. Bottom line is, no matter what the circumstances, they’ll find a way to blame others for their own failings.