A new contest next week

When my last book came out, my publisher printed up a very small quantity of posters featuring the cover image, and I ended up with a small handful of them. They’re extremely rare and fetch high prices on eBay, but next week I’m going to have another one of my little contests and give two of them away. This contest is going to be a little more involved than what I usually do, though. Here’s how it’s going to work: at some point on each day from Monday through Friday, I’m going to put up a post containing the Secret Word of the Day, which will only be up for a couple of hours (after which the post will be deleted). In order to submit a valid entry, you’ll have to send me an email with the secret word in the subject line (as well as the word “contest”). At the end of the week, I’ll sort through the entries and choose random winners, giving priority to readers who caught the secret word on multiple days (so be sure to send your entries from the same email address).