Estimated Iraqi deaths due to U.S. invasion nears one million

Last year Johns Hopkins researchers produced a study estimating that 650,000 Iraqis had died as of July, 2006 as a result of the U.S. invasion. The organization Just Foreign Policy has now created a very rough new estimate, based on the original study, of deaths to the present day. The number they came up with is just under one million.

For more information on the new estimate, including an explanation of how it was created, see here.

AND: The number of civilian deaths is different from the total deaths, but nonetheless this poll from last February is highly disturbing:

The number of [civilian] Iraqis killed, however, is much harder to pin down [than US deaths], and that uncertainty is perhaps reflected in Americans’ tendency to lowball the Iraqi death toll by tens of thousands.

Iraqi civilian deaths are estimated at more than 54,000 and could be much higher; some unofficial estimates range into the hundreds of thousands…

Among those [Americans] polled for the AP survey, however, the median estimate of Iraqi deaths was 9,890.