If we don’t play into the terrorist’s hands, the terrorists have won.

Last week, Bush’s British lapdog Tony Blair stepped down and was replaced by Gordon Brown, a move that’s widely expected to signal British withdrawal from Iraq. Now, if you were a terrorist that resented the “coalition” occupation of Iraq, wouldn’t this be a good thing? The Bushies tell us that the surge is working, that we’ve got the bad guys on the run, and that – this is the most important part – our weakening resolve emboldens our enemies.

Looking at what’s happened in the U.K. since Brown took the reigns seems to tell a different story. The moment Blair is replaced by a PM less enthusiastic about the war, we suddenly see a new wave of terrorist plots. But wait, I thought a new leader that doesn’t want to “fight them over there” would make the terrorists happy?! Odd how that works out, huh? It’s almost as if they want us to stay in Iraq.