Indiana Jones and the Ivy League Campus of Doom

They’re filming some scenes for the new Indiana Jones movie in New Haven this week, and they’ve completely redressed one block next to the campus to look like 1957.

The shops have all taken on new identities, their windows transformed into an eBay junkie’s wet dream.

A staple of my midwestern boyhood brought back to life.

The redressed window of a newsstand. I wish they had a stock like this.

Starbucks has become an Irish tavern.

The design of the Stratocaster has changed very little in fifty years; you have to have a somewhat knowledgable eye to spot the difference between a 1957 Strat and a 2007 version. And the chances that the any of the details in the window below are going to register on film as they shoot a chase scene down the street are next to nil; nonetheless that’s a genuine late fifties Strat, probably worth tens of thousands of dollars.

On campus, a mysterious headless statue. What does it mean? Only Indiana Jones knows for sure.

Extras relaxing between shots. Since it was their job to sit in the parked cars, they only wore period clothing from the waist up. They’re marked with pink gaffers tape, presumably to indicate what should not show on camera; it also kind of delinates their status on the set as, essentially, props.

And, saving the best for last … an exclusive, world premiere flashing siren first look at … well, Harrison Ford’s stunt double riding on the back of a motorcycle.

And that was about as much excitement as I could handle for one day …