More on Coulter

Joan Walsh, on the more infamous moment from that Coulter appearance mentioned below:

Think Progress has the video and transcript: During Chris Matthews’ one-hour sit down with Ann Coulter on Hardball today (hey, she sells books!), Elizabeth Edwards phoned in to confront the woman who called her husband a “faggot” earlier this year and who yesterday said that, in the future, she’ll “wish he got killed in a terrorist assassination plot” instead. Matthews was in the middle of confronting Coulter on her Edwards comments (recall that in 2003, she made fun of his 16-year-old son Wade’s death by suggesting his car sported the bumper sticker. “Ask me about my son’s death in a horrific car accident”) when Edwards herself called in. “I’m the mother of that boy who died,” she said, and she said she was calling “to ask her to politely stop the personal attacks.” A sputtering Coulter repeatedly insisted Edwards was trying to stop her from writing books. The young people in the audience applauded Edwards. Maybe there’s hope.

… adding, I still think Matthews is wrong to give any airtime at all to this vile excuse for a human being, but to his credit, he does call her on her crap, at least in that particular clip.