It’s Not Me, It’s You

In the episode “Relationship Ripcord” of the brilliant, but canceled sitcom “Andy Richter Controls the Universe”, Andy and his friends eavesdrop on the therapy sessions of a woman who’s attracted to dumpy, plain-looking guys, but breaks up with them whenever they say “I love you”. Knowing this, Andy starts a relationship with the commitment-phobic chubby-chaser, gushing that he can have all the fun he wants and end the relationship at any time, guilt-free by just saying he loves her.

Having just seen the news that Peter Pace is suddenly stepping down, I can’t help but wonder if working for George Bush works in a similar way. Except in this case, instead “I love you” (which gets you a Supreme Court nomination), the only thing you’d have to say to leave the administration is “Iraq is an unwinnable quagmire and it’s all your fault.” That’s the way it seems to have worked for the majority of the generals that leave.