Random notes on the debate …

1. As an emailer points out:

Mitt Romney claimed that the invasion of Iraq was justified because Saddam refused to let the inspectors in. He elaborated that IF Saddam HAD let the inspectors in, and IF they had not found any WMDs, then things would have been different.

In fact, as anyone who has been paying attention knows, the UN WMD inspectors DID go into Iraq in 2002, searched extensively but found no WMDs, and issued a preliminary report to that effect.

2. Wolf Blitzer said that we “recently learned” that Arabic translators are being discharged from the service because they are openly gay. In point of fact, I remember learning about this several years ago, well before the war in Iraq.

3. Great moment when the candidates were asked what how they would employ former president George W. Bush, and Thompson suggested he’d be really, really good at going around the country talking to children.