A pre-emptive strike?

I saw Gen. Myers on a couple of the Sunday shows repeatedly making comments like these (from the Meet the Press transcript):

GEN. MYERS: Actually I think if you look at the way the war plan was put together by General Franks and his commanders, some of whom you referenced there — one of them was General Wallace — was that you had — at one end you had to be prepared for catastrophic success. What if it went like the Marine said and you had to be able to take advantage of that.

* * *

GEN. MYERS: Well, I dispute that we’ve sent an inadequate force to war. This is a war plan that was devised by General Franks and his component commanders.

I’m no Kremlinologist, but it sure seems like Myers was pre-emptively putting Franks’ name out there to counter Hersh’s charges (link in previous post) concerning Rumsfeld:

Several senior war planners complained to me in interviews that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his inner circle of civilian advisers, who had been chiefly responsible for persuading President Bush to lead the country into war, had insisted on micromanaging the war’s operational details. Rumsfeld’s team took over crucial aspects of the day-to-day logistical planning — traditionally, an area in which the uniformed military excels — and Rumsfeld repeatedly overruled the senior Pentagon planners on the Joint Staff, the operating arm of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “He thought he knew better,” one senior planner said. “He was the decision-maker at every turn.”

Update: apparently Rumsfeld was making the rounds as well, expressing his sincere admiration for the excellent battle plans drawn up by, you guessed it, Tommy Franks.