Some news from my friend John McCrea:

Sacramento stalwarts CAKE are finally taking things into their own hands. Since breaking on to the music scene in the early nineties, CAKE has not only survived, but thrived in a tumultuous industry where major labels have continued to merge themselves out of existence, indies are regaining power, and the average band’s life span is a meager two albums. CAKE’s distinctive brand of music has transcended scene and genre alike for over a decade, garnering the band several platinum records and a dedicated following. The band now brings forth a unique collection of “b-sides and rarities”, their first release since 2004 studio album “Pressure Chief”, signifying a momentous step in a new direction for them. While most of their contemporaries have long since packed it in, CAKE has decided to part ways with their label Columbia Records, forging out on their own with a full slate of releases planned via their own label Upbeat Records. In addition to the “b-sides and rarities” compilation, the band also plans to release a live album “Live At The Crystal Palace”, during Autumn 2007, and their sixth studio album, due out in early 2008.

Inspired by the passionate individuals who have continued to support and appreciate them over the years, the band is thrilled to give something back to their listeners with this exclusive compilation. CAKE’s John McCrea elaborates “We were all quite surprised how cohesively these songs fit together into one album, they seemed to just belong together.” McCrea continues “Aesthetically, many of the songs hadn’t quite worked on previous albums and for years they lacked proper homes. Now they all have a home. It is good to have a home”. CAKE’s Vince DiFiore adds, “These songs were recorded at times when we wanted to extend our idea of what the band could do stylistically. It was good to see that the recordings worked as a collection, and I’m glad we can offer it to listeners.” Songs on the album were originally sung by legendary singers such as Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Buck Owens, George Jones, Ozzy Osborne, and Kenny Rogers. The band has used these songs to find new creative elements within themselves, producing eloquently accomplished tracks that simultaneously maintain the band’s own unique stamp.

CAKE’s “b-sides and rarities” comes complete with a collectible “scratch and sniff” CD package, embodying five different CD cover color/scent variations (including red/fresh cut roses, yellow/banana, brown/leather, green/fresh cut grass and purple/grape). The album features re-mixed and re-mastered tracks, plus an exclusive live bonus track of “War Pigs” with Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips. The package is available for pre-order on their website.