Major announcement coming up today. I’m hearing rumors that it’s not a happy one. He’s one of the only candidates who addresses poverty and labor issues head on, and it would be a shame not to have his voice included in this overly-long campaign season.

Speaking of Edwards, Limbaugh’s been playing one of his “joke” songs, a version of “I Am Woman” as sung by … John Edwards. Maybe Coulter’s explanation for that little “faggot” remark really should be taken at face value: it was a schoolyard taunt — which is all these people are apparently capable of. Honestly, what kind of mentality do you have to have, to consider it a useful critique, or even an effective insult, to call someone a “woman”? (Limbaugh’s other nickname for Edwards is, of course, the “Breck Girl.” Maybe you need to be a thrice-divorced misogynist to really appreciate the “humor”.)

If you will forgive some of that nasty left wing blogger swearing we hear so much about, these people are fucking idiots.

Updated: Elizabeth’s cancer is back but “the campaign goes on…”