Recent Tomdispatch

Tomdispatch is an fantastic resource. Every single piece it runs is worth reading—serious and in-depth, with information you won’t find in such detail anywhere else. I’d say it’s comparable in quality and importance to the New York Review of Books during Vietnam.


Michael Schwartz: “Surge and Destroy: The Brutality Escalates in Iraq”

Karen Greenberg: “Guantanamo is not a Prison: 11 Ways to Report on Gitmo without Upsetting the Pentagon”

Tom Engelhardt: “Hostages to Policy: What We Know About Waste and War in Iraq”

David Swanson: “Can Congress End the War? Democratic Leaders May Prefer to Claim They Tried But Failed”

(Given this effusive praise, I should disclose that I’ve written for Tomdispatch once, and hope to again in the future.)