TV notes

Had to spend some time on a commuter train this weekend, so I loaded up my nifty video iPod (thanks again, M.D!) with some recent shows I hadn’t seen. An episode of Battlestar Galactica which was written by a very talented friend of mine, for one, but BSG is hardly an undiscovered show at this point. Also a few episodes of Jericho, which turned out to be better than I expected — kind of a post-apocalyptic version of Lost, without the supernatural overtones, which are often that show’s weakest point. (Though also without as interesting a supporting cast — no Locke or Hurley in this one.) It’s not brilliant, but it is compelling in an understated way (if you can use the word ‘understated’ about a show whose premise involves the end of the world as we know it). Finally, caught up recently with 30 Rock, a show I initially resisted because I am disinclined to enjoy anything related to Saturday Night Live (due to, let’s just say, personal experience). In this case, my mistake — 30 Rock is the best comedy I’ve seen since Fox deep-sixed Arrested Development. Which means you should probably watch it while you can, because if I like it, it’s probably going to be cancelled at any moment.

This has been your TMW tv moment.

… adding: you are already, of course, watching Heroes, right?