In which your host allows his inner geek to surface

There’s a new Star Trek movie opening this weekend. What can I say? I try to keep it to a minimum around here, but I am, in fact, a lifelong geek.

But I’m sorry to read that my online pal Wil Wheaton, who played young Wesley Crusher for four or five seasons on Star Trek: the Next Generation, got dissed by his former employers once again. Not only was his cameo cut from the movie, but — adding insult to injury — he found out at the last minute that the “premiere” to which he had been invited was not actually the real premiere at all, but rather the b-list, no-stars, no-klieg-lights premiere.

Our sympathies go out. That’s gotta hurt.

(And while we’re on the geek train: anybody know if the Sci Fi channel is ever going to show the last few episodes of the late, lamented Farscape?)

Update: I am informed by several readers that the answer to the above question is “Yes, Tom, in January.” And that there’s more information available at Oh, and reader John Paul Davis has solved the MT archive mystery. I think I’m going to start posting random obscure questions, just to see if there’s anything that can stump you kids.