New comic

The war on rationality proceeds apace.

On a related note, you’ve certainly heard about the Conservapedia by now. (If not, don’t say I never gave you a present.) I agree with the kids at Sadly No that it will probably soon become a wholly-infiltrated parody site — but in the meantime, there are delights like this actual entry to savor:

The existence of unicorns is controversial. Secular opinion is that they are mythical. However, they are referred to in the Bible nine times,[1] which provides an unimpeachable de facto argument for their once having been in existence.

In the original texts, unicorns go by the Hebrew name Re-em whereas the Greek Septuagint used the name Monokeros.[2] Unicorn itself is Latin. All three names mean “one horn”.

Also: the seed of the idea for this week’s cartoon, the “flat earth” riff, came from a reader who either wishes to remain anonymous or doesn’t check his email very often. You know who you are — if you’d like a signed print of the cartoon, shoot me an email.