Wow Never mind

I just watched Dennis Miller (on O’Reilly) riff for several minutes about the “Obama is articulate” comment and how everyone should cut some slack … to President Bush, who Miller seemed to believe was the person who said it. And at no point did O’Reilly correct him.

… update: at the moment, oddly enough, it’s up on the Fox site as the “featured video.” (I’ve been working some long days and I’m pretty tired right now — am I totally missing something here?)

update 2: Indeed I am. Not sure how this one slipped by me, but apparently Bush used the ‘a’ word recently as well.

Cavuto asked: “How do you think the troops would feel about a President Obama?”

Bush: “Oh, I don’t know. He ain’t — look — he hasn’t got elected yet. He ain’t even got the party’s nomination either. He’s an attractive guy, he’s articulate, I’ve been impressed with him, I’ve seen him in person, but he’s got a long way to go to be president.”

I stand corrected.