Right on time

This week the History Channel is running something called “Iran: The Next Iraq?”:

For over 25 years, “Death to America” has been the rallying cry of the Iranian government, but it’s only recently that the threat has become chillingly real and the Islamic Republic of Iran has emerged as perhaps the most clear and present danger to American security. This special will explore the once proud military tradition of Iran, its recent decline in power, and the country’s struggle to gain a place among the world’s super powers. We will also examine evidence that shows Iran is secretly pursuing a nuclear weapon and just may intend to use on the United States or its allies.

I really appreciate the title. Is Iran the next Iraq? Is it a country that poses zero threat to the United States that we’ll attack anyway? Will Americans be persuaded to support such an attack by crappy Soviet-style propaganda on the History Channel?

(Thanks to Sam Husseini for the tip.)